Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coffee: update on Fixx, Dawson St

I had high hopes for Fixx on Dawson St when it first opened, but after an initially promising start service began to slip. There were originally two counters, one for take-away and one for stay-in - and then the take-away counter was closed, leading to long queues. The cafe seemed understaffed, and the staff started making mistakes.

I'm pleased to see though that the Bald Barista has intervened. Service has now improved, and although the take-away counter doesn't take orders it is being used to distribute the take-away coffees once they're ready.

Fixx also deserve praise for their macchiatos: they don't add too much milk. This should be pretty basic, but not all cafes get it right. Dear baristas: if you add too little milk, the error is easily corrected; if you add too much milk, the coffee is no longer a macchiato.

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  1. I was in the Coffee fixx and noticed the wall at the back on the Left hand side had fantastic pictures of old painters and people from a past long ago. On the front of each of the pictures was a brief history of the person in the picture. All the frames of the pictures were different adding interest to the complete scene.