Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogger gatecrashes the Convention Centre Dublin

It was an accident, gov.

As I walked by Spencer Dock this evening I spotted that the Convention Centre Dublin had opened. It was lit up by a very impressive projection-show, and like a little deep-ocean fish attracted to the light, I was drawn in.

I wandered past the drinks being served on the first floor, heading on up to the higher floors to get a look at the city. The venue had a not-quite-open feel to it - staff polishing and cleaning, with every item of furniture perfectly positioned and every space filled with nothing but emptiness. The view was beautiful, though perhaps slightly impaired by the interior lighting reflecting on the glass; the front of the building has been described as a "glass drum" and is tilted so that the drum projects out at an angle from the lower levels of the building.

At this point I was alerted that this was in fact a private function. I ambled back downstairs, rather regretting that I hadn't nabbed a free drink on the way up.

The attendees at the function were convention organisers and potential customers of the CCD from around Europe. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and quite understandably so as the venue is extremely impressive in its scale, functionality and aesthetics. Well, at least in comparison with the dreary business-oriented hotels so frequently used for conventions. (You know the ones, dull franchised places entirely lacking in character.)

There's no doubt that CCD is in a different league to other venues in the city: and I have no doubt that it will bring much-appreciated business tourists to the city. If you're interested in taking a look, there is an open day for the public on Sunday 12th September. Edit: I've asked CCD and they've said this is not a ticketed event requiring prebooking - just show up on the day.

The press release for the opening of the Centre is here.

The Convention Centre from directly outside:

The Convention Centre reflected in the building on the opposite side of the Liffey:


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