Thursday, August 5, 2010

Science Gallery - Bio-Rhythm

I visited Science Gallery last week to see their current exhibition, 'Bio-Rhythm'. "From an acoustic bed to sonic tables and experiments on your emotional response to pop music, Science Gallery's Summer exhibition BIORHYTHM will allow you to feel how music moves your body through an interactive bazaar of unique sonic experiences, installations, experiments and performances from musicians, engineers and neuroscientists from around the world."

By far my favourite part of the exhibition is Reactable. The user places icon-covered blocks onto a blue, glowing, circular table. A clever piece of software figures out the details of which block has been placed down and where it is relative to the other blocks in use, and creates the appropriate music. Some blocks create percussion, some create a series of notes, and some modify other blocks' outputs. It's visually entrancing and very enjoyable to try. As I watched a member of staff demonstrating the Reactable I was struck by the resemblence to a nightclub-DJ at work.

The exhibition runs until 1st October 2010.


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