Thursday, August 5, 2010

Opera in the Open: Don Pasquale

Ah, opera, the feeble love-child of legitimate theatre and classical music. Why is it that combining these two very enjoyable forms of performance creates something inferior to either of the two components?

Anyway... it's hardly the fault of the organisers of Opera in the Open that I'm not just yet a fan of their form of art. To be fair to them they did a good job. The performance was, as far as I can tell in my ignorance, both skillful and crowd-pleasing. In case you're wondering, Don Pasquale is essentially a "RomCom" (Romantic Comedy).

To a theatre-goer such as myself it sure felt wierd - though it was helpful - to have the story told by a presenter in advance of the actual performance of each scene. However I thought the performers did well in respect of both singing and, to my surprise, acting.

Despite my dislike of opera, I'm tempted to return to see future performances. Next Thursday features Handel, and the final show (Thursday 26th) is Don Giovanni by Mozart. I like Mozart - when I tell people how talented I think Lady Gaga is, I sometimes emphasise the point by stating that she is the greatest musical genius since Mozart. If Mozart liked opera, it must have something going for it. I will persevere.

Photos to follow.


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