Monday, August 9, 2010

'No Drama Theatre'

I was talking recently to someone who had just finished pretending he could see ghosts. Sort of. Long story. Anyway, he mentioned that he was part of an amateur theatre group based in Dublin, called No Drama Theatre. They're about to restart their weekly schedule of workshops in Synge St CBS. The first is on the evening of Monday August 16th; they also run workshops on Tuesdays.

The workshops cost €20 per month. I can't overstate how cheap that is compared to classes in a more official/commercial setting. I've been through - and greatly enjoyed - Acting for Camera classes in the Gaiety School of Acting, and while I would recommend the classes to anyone I'd also acknowledge that for many people these days €300 or so (per eight classes) isn't to be spent lightly. Oh, and the first No Drama workshop is free.

I'm also pleased to see that No Drama plan to run a production of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters in November. They're looking for crew, actors and extras.


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