Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coffee: Insomnia

I tried out a variety of coffees from the Dawson St and Nassau St branches of Insomnia this week. I expected mediocre coffee but at a competitive price.

I have to admit, I was wrong. The prices were pretty standard for the city centre. The coffee... well there's a reason I mention the two specific branches, and that is that the quality varied greatly between them. I'm surprised by this as I'd have expected them to be similar.

The espresso and cappuccino I tried from the Dawson Street branch were just plain bad. The espresso had an oily, burnt taste to it, as if the coffee beans used were over-roasted. The cappuccino was competently prepared but that couldn't compensate for the poor quality coffee.

I almost gave up on Insomnia at that point, but for the sake of fairness I decided to try a different branch, the more spacious one on Nassau St. I was pleasantly surprised to get a very nice macchiato, followed the next day by a good if unspectacular latte.

I'm not sure quite what to make of Insomnia. Perhaps the Dawson St branch had just received a bad batch of coffee beans. The problem though is that the city centre has many lovely cafes serving good coffee. If you're in an area with few cafes, Insomnia will do; but in the city centre there are many far better places to go to.

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Next week: Nespresso, as advertised by George Clooney and John Malkovich

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  1. Hi Dave, I think water quality plays a huge part in coffee taste, though your review locations would appear to be in the same area.