Friday, August 20, 2010

Coffee: Fitzroy & Flinders

Back at the start of August I discovered a wonderful coffee stand in the Point Village Market, called Badger & Dodo. Nice espresso, nice latte art, friendly staff. I found myself wishing they had a cafe instead of just a stand at a weekend market.

As luck would have it however, Badger & Dodo are the suppliers to a newly-opened cafe. Fitzroy & Flinders opened earlier this month right in the heart of Rathmines, opposite the old Bank of Ireland building. The decor and menu will have an Australian theme.

To the average passer-by Fitzroy & Flinders might look like just another cafe of no particular note. It isn't; this is not your average "greasy spoon" serving up murky black water and calling it coffee. They'll regularly get in new coffees from Badger & Dodo.

As well as espresso-based coffee they also serve v60 and Aeropress filter coffee - in the coffee world these are very much in vogue. The v60 and Aeropress did an excellent job of bringing out the flavour of the Kenyan coffee being used when I visited last Sunday; the taste reminded me of rooibos tea. It's wierd to taste filter coffee that doesn't just taste bland and stale!

I also tried the 'Red Rock' blend in an espresso... mmmm. Lovely. I wasn't sure quite what I was tasting but I liked the wonderful 'zing'. Of the two coffees, I preferred the Red Rock to the Kenyan.

Oh, and the food's nice too - I had my brunch of choice, salmon with scrambled eggs.

My only concerns for the new cafe are that it might be a bit small and that there's no outdoor area. On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning I like to be able to sit outside and sprawl a newspaper all over a big table. If Fitzroy & Flinders becomes popular - and it deserves to on the basis of the food and coffee - it could become rather cramped. That though is a problem for the future. For now, I'm delighted there's a new, quality cafe for the coffee-lovers of Dublin to enjoy.

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