Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coffee: Badger & Dodo

Yesterday I headed down to Docklands to see the Point Village Market. It's on every Saturday and is very easy to find - just look out for the ferris wheel beside the O2. There was one specific stall I was especially keen to find, the Badger & Dodo coffee stand.

I'd heard only good things about Badger & Dodo so I wanted to try their coffee for myself. I wasn't disappointed. The espresso is delicious, one of the best offerings in the city.

Two things though took me by surprise. Firstly, the staff were exceptionally friendly - not just helpful, but genuinely enthusiastic about coffee. Secondly, no sooner had I downed a double espresso than I was presented with an impromtu display of "latte art"; see the second picture below. The photo doesn't do it justice.

If you're serious about coffee, you simply must visit Badger & Dodo.

Update: You can now get Badger & Dodo coffee in a nice Dublin cafe called Fitzroy & Flinders, recently opened in Rathmines. V60! Aeropress! Tasty brunch options! And most of all, damn fine espresso.

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