Sunday, July 18, 2010

The week ahead

This week:

The Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures begins on Friday 23rd July. The best bits of this festival aren't necessarily the high-profile acts - it's events like this, the Intercultural Knit Days. Oh, and the ├╝ber-talented Lords of Strut will be busking at the festival. If you see two people dressed in the most wonderfully shiny 80's style clothes (or just spandex) that's probably them, and you should watch the show.

'The Colleen Bawn' opens in Project Arts Centre.

I'll try out a new bistro on Exchequer Street, the Green Hen.

Coffee: does Bewley's on Grafton Street live up to its reputation?

There'll be a CD/records fair at the weekend in Filmbase. On Saturday, there's also the "Artists' Book, Comic and Zine Fair" at the same venue.

The Carlsburg Comedy Carnival runs from Thursday 22nd July to Sunday 25th in the Iveagh Gardens.


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