Sunday, July 4, 2010

Temple Bar at its very best

Sometimes the very best cultural events aren't preplanned or carefully staged, they just happen spontaneously. I was sitting outside Brick Alley Cafe this afternoon, drinking quite nice boro boro tea, listening to a busker. As he was playing Hit the Road Jack a group of four pretty girls - maybe around 18 years old? - wandered by and started dancing along. And then, as they warmed to the attention they were getting, they started singing as well.

The busker reacted well; I'm guessing, but I think he must have that (to me) amazing ability to play songs without ever having learned them as sheet music. The girls started in on the Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire and the busker just picked up the tune - they didn't tell him in advance, he just gave them the mike and let them start singing whatever they knew.

By this point a crowd had gathered. People had come out onto their balconies and started clapping along. The crowed started calling out requests - surprisingly, the girls were unable to respond to the crowd request for Lady Gaga. (No, I wasn't the one calling for it, but I would have loved to hear it.)

The girls finished with Wonderwall. All these years later it's still a crowd-pleaser.

Perhaps this doesn't sound all this impressive; I suppose you just had to be there. It was like one of those contrived happy crowd scenes in many advertisements, except it was real.