Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Sensational: Saturday

I started the day with the "American breakfast" in Brick Alley Cafe. Yummy.

At 11:00 a brave group of tourists and Dubliners ventured out into the drizzle for a walking tour of Temple Bar's public art. It never ceases to amaze me how much hidden detail there is in Dublin's architecture. It's one of the reasons I started this blog - sometimes it seems as if tourists are the only ones who make the effort to see the city properly. (Photos to follow.)

After that I went to Filmbase to watch short documentaries. Subjects for the documentaries included: a pair of John Lennon fans, a deer living among cattle (The Herd), a dog on a farm (Useless Dog), the crazy antics of car drivers approaching Rosslare Harbour (Terminal Communication), deer in the Phoenix Park (Deer Don), and the closing of rural phone-booths. Those don't sound like interesting subjects, but they were. I think my favourite was Useless Dog.

In the evening I went to Summer Lightning in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. The Gallery isn't normally a nightclub but was turned into one for this fund-raising event. The music was good and just right for the venue and crowd; lots of synthesizer-style effects.

The line-up included:
Crayonsmith - my favourite act of the night
Skinny Wolves DJs - very nice play list
The Boys of Summer
Patrick Kelleher
The Jimmy Cake - the headline act

The acoustics in the building are wierd; but I spend a bit of time talking to one of the sound guys and he didn't have any problems. For photography, the upper floor is wonderful: clear ambient light and, as a bonus, a balcony with a view of Temple Bar. The lighting in general was a challenge though. (Photos to follow.)

And finally I briefly dropped into the Button Factory to see Balkanarama. The crowd seemed to be enjoying it.


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