Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Summer Sensational: Drama Workshop by the GSA

After the excellent Cirque de Legume I popped by the Culture Box on East Essex St for the second of two free drama workshops being offered by the Gaiety School of Acting.

The workshop started with a few warm-up exercises - fun games that get people in the right frame of mind. After that there was a kind of charades-style game: we had to pose as inanimate objects in various situations. (Yes, for the garden scene someone was a tree.) That progressed onto framing an iconic scene from a movie so that the other people present could guess the movie - our group did Pulp Fiction, a dead easy choice given the distinctive sideways-V hand gesture associated with the movie.

The final exercise was to tell a movie in three to five still scenes. We were split into two groups - each would prepare their scenes and also try to guess the other group's movie. We did the Matrix series: choosing the pill, people in stasis, Neo dodging the Agent's bullet, Neo doing some other ridiculous stuff, and the chess scene. The other group did Ghost: the pottery wheel scene was an immediate give-away as to their choice of movie.

Loads of fun. As always, I'd strongly encourage anyone who's never done any acting or drama to try it.