Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Restaurant: Sushi King

Over recent years the number of Japanese restaurants in Dublin has increased. They vary a lot in style and focus, and they are mostly quite good - although also somewhat expensive. One of the Japanese restaurants I eat in (or get take-away from) regularly is Sushi King. There are two branches, one of Baggot Street and a newer one on Dawson St.

Sushi King has several things in its favour: the convenience and speed of being able to get sushi as take-away; fresh, high quality ingredients; several very solid "selection box" offerings; and an unrelenting ambition to keep trying new things. The best thing I can say for the restaurant is that I keep going back.

Against that, while I approve in principle of innovation and "contemporary" sushi designs, in practice I'd rather they used less chicken, no duck, and more varieties of seafood.

Another personal quibble: I tried out the all-you-can-eat offer one Sunday and while it was of higher quality than I expected (i.e. not 90%+ rice!) it was a "chef's selection". As someone who has a pretty good idea of his own sushi preferences, I'd rather eat my selection.

Yamamori beats Sushi King for value, largely due to its incredible bento box; Koishi in Ballsbridge beats it on decor and atmosphere; Kokoro beats it on variety... I could go on. So why do I go back to Sushi King? Three reasons: I like the locations it's in; I like how quickly I can get in and out; and it's a good all-rounder I can rely on.

A reader mailed me to comment that presentation is an important aspect of sushi, and the chef's selection allows the chef to create an aesthetically pleasing platter. Point taken.


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