Friday, July 9, 2010

Lords of Strut


At lunchtime today I saw the best live performance I've seen all year, the incredible Lords of Strut. The show is a street performance, a comedy based on acrobatics, break dancing, contortion, and lots and lots of spandex.

Normally the show features Famous Seamus and Seantastic, but for this show Seantastic was replaced by a super-cute girl called Sue. Famous Seamus and No Nickname Sue are an amazing pair and both of them were superb. Sue brought to the show an element not listed as a standard part of the act, a beautiful singing voice. Famous Seamus brought Attitude and the ability to climb an unsupported ladder and walk it around.

This was street theatre at its best - the performers really used the crowd as part of the show. From getting people to clap enthusiastically to bringing three guys up to dance in the finale, the crowd was involved in a way a traditional stage performance could never match. Oh, and they sure knows how to strike a pose and work that camera, baby. (Photos to follow!)

Some shows take a little time to get good, to get funny, to get the audience warmed up. These guys won the crowd over quickly, and the show was hilarious right from the start.

Wonderful, just wonderful. The best part of the Summer Sensational so far.

Later: I uploaded two photos of Sue and Famous Seamus.