Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Day After The Day Before Tomorrow

I'm looking forward to the start of the Summer Sensational festival tomorrow. Here's my planned schedule:

12:30 - Cliffhanger! - "An action-packed street theatre show, inspired by Buster Keaton’s short film ‘Convict 13’." Free, no tickets required. Location: Meeting House Square.

13:00 - Exhibition opening of Summertime - Free, no tickets required. Location: No Grants Gallery.

Afternoon - Demise en Scene - Free, no tickets required. Location: Monster Truck Gallery.

Then some chilling out, seeing what's going on, and just enjoying the weather... I hope.

19:00 - Cirque de Legume - I've been told this is a must-see. Free, no tickets required. Location: Meeting House Square.

20:00 - Drama Workshops by the Gaiety School of Acting - This might be sold out! If it isn't, I can't recommend this too highly. Free, but pre-booking is required. Location: The Culture Box, East Essex St - not in the Gaiety School of Acting itself.

22:30 - Movies on the Square: 'Jaws' - Free, but tickets required, and probably already sold out. Location: Meeting House Square.

Now as much as I love Temple Bar and appreciate the work of everyone involved in making it the genuinely exciting place it has become, I have to make one slightly critical comment. A reader has asked me to say that she found the festival's website a bit unhelpful and that the focus of the Summer Sensational was unclear. As a result she was concerned that the festival was very family-oriented and therefore unsuitable for someone without kids. My hope is that this concern will prove incorrect and there'll be plenty to do - but I agree there is a risk that some potential festival-goers might be put off by the impression that the festival is aimed mainly at families/kids.

So will Temple Bar be overrun by chaotic, screaming children? Or will the festival have an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm, shared by everyone? We'll find out tomorrow...