Friday, July 30, 2010

Coffee: Butlers Chocolate Cafe

A chocolate shop selling take-away coffees? That must have been quite the conversation when some bright spark had this idea - "No, wait, I'm not crazy, just hear me out...".

And crazy they were not. As a coffee shop Butlers is at least as good as many 'real' cafes. I think the lattes and cappuccinos are only so-so, but other coffee drinkers like them. Of course their opinion might be influenced by Butler's not-so-secret edge over their competitors: they give a free chocolate with every coffee. It's hard to see how any other coffee shop could match them in this respect without actually becoming a chocolate shop, because Butlers have a very wide range of high-quality chocolates.

For me though the real secret weapon of Butlers is the strength of the espresso. You put this stuff near your mouth and wham, you're in flavour country. Even before you taste it you can smell the power of this coffee. Oh, and it's nice.

There are Butlers branches all over the city. If you like coffee and chocolate, this is the cafe for you. And even if you're a coffee purist, try out that espresso.

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