Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coffee: Ariosa Coffee

If you're around Temple Bar on a Saturday and you like coffee, check out Ariosa Coffee. Ariosa is actually a coffee wholesaler but each Saturday they have a coffee stand in Meeting House Square as part of the Temple Bar Food Market.

The coffee is good; the cappuccino is among the best in the city. Fortunately this quality is not reflected in the prices, which are incredibly low considering the stall is in the tourist centre of our capital city. An espresso costs only €1, and a small latte or cappuccino is just €2!

It's a pity Ariosa don't have a cafe open all week instead of a small take-away stand once per week. The good news is that other proprietors in Temple Bar get their coffee from Ariosa. So if you want to try Ariosa in the the comfort of a nice restaurant, I'd suggest Brick Alley Cafe on East Essex Street.

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Next week: it's a big one - Bewley's on Grafton Street.

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