Thursday, June 10, 2010

Restaurant: 10 Thousand

I find it amazing (and comforting) that even in these hard times there are still new restaurants and cafés being opened.

Over the weekend I popped into a new Japanese restaurant on Lower Liffey Street. It's called "10 Thousand" and is, as far as I can tell, a spin-off from the nearby Chinese restaurant of the same name. The area is now becoming a bit of a 'cluster' for Japanese cuisine: this new restaurant is directly beside Kokoro Sushi and close also to Yamamori Sushi on Lower Ormond Quay.

So how does 10 Thousand compare? Well, the prices are very reasonable: I went for a special offer of €6.95 for seafood cha han and miso soup - one of the cheapest Japanese meals I've ever had. However, the menu is fairly simple and limited compared to Yamamori and other more established Japaneses. (It's hard to compare against Kokoro - it's a very slick little take-away sushi bar.)

Service was fast and efficient, and while not exactly warm it wasn't unfriendly. The decor... felt a bit Chinese, to be honest.

I'll have to try 10 Thousand a few more times before I can judge whether it can match the competition.

Update, 05/09/2010: I went back recently. Same conclusions as initially - a bit cheaper than the competition but not quite as good.