Friday, May 28, 2010

Indian Curry Club

South William Street was, until quite recently, a rather nasty and uninteresting street in the midst of an otherwise pleasant shopping district. And then... it started to change. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but restaurants started to spread along the street from the direction of Exchequer Street.

One of these new restaurants is Indian Curry Club, which opened in February this year - the owners already had an existing restaurant in Kilbarrack. I went to the South William Street restaurant for lunch this week and was very pleased with the entire experience. The food was tasty, the menu had all the main dishes I expected it to offer, the service was quick and polite, and the prices were excellent. (I took a seat by the window, so I'll reserve judgement for now on the decor.) A main course with rice/naan was only €7.15! Adding a starter to that would have left the total cost under €10. Nice.

Possibly the best value Indian restaurant in the city centre?